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Custom Shortcuts

ShortKeys help you customize your keyboard and let you organize your day to day need to make up a shortcut for the next time. Don't type the same thing every time, Create a shortcut.

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Personal Keyboard

ShortKeys enables you to get rid of the same look of your keypad and let to change the keyboard themes in your style. Change the color and play around with the images and avoid seeing the same keypad every time.


We've got a lot of amazing and cool features

App Shortcut

Search for one or more applications within your phone and assign a key to it. Find your application on long pressing the shortcut key.

Save Address

Save addresses of your friends, family, relatives and everyone else to arrange them at one place and simply copy, paste it in your message area.


Change the background appearance of your phone and fill it will color or image.

Text Replacement

Assign a short snippet to any frequently used long phrase and use it every next time you need to use the phrase again without typing it again in a standard manner.


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