Welcome to our Privacy Policy

We understand the privacy of your personal data and your trust in us. Our privacy policy will make you understand what all information do we need from you, why we need and how we use it. We would like you to read the privacy policy carefully.

The main objective behind using some of your personal information is to make the application much more useful for you. To provide you with the best relevant results so you can grab all the best advantages of this application.

What kinds of information do we collect?

Camera Access : We may ask you for your camera access where we can use your mobile phone’s camera and gallery.

Contacts Access : We may ask you for your contacts access where we may use your mobile phone’s contact list.

How do we use this information?

Camera Access : We may use your Camera and Gallery access to provide you with the keyboard background theme. To make your keyboard more interesting for you, we have created a functionality to allow you to upload any image and set it as your keyboard background.

Contacts Access : At certain time we may need the access of the phone contacts. To allow you enjoy the amazing feature of speed dial and set any contact information on a desired number, we need access to contacts information.

How is this information shared?

Your personal information is not shared with anyone except you. The information that we access is stored locally on your phone which makes it available only for you and nobody else.

Changes in Policy

There may a time in coming future that we can decide to make changes in our privacy policies. The only reason for these changes will be to make this application more useful for you. Whenever we make any change to our privacy policy, we will inform you for the same.